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Protect yourself with your wits, quick reflexes, and vast array of weaponry in Block League Heroes United! Endless hours of challenging fun are yours when you download this free FPS adventure game. The fate of the world rests squarely on your shoulders. Be the ultimate hero!

Once we were heroes. But everything has changed since then. Now everyone believes we are just group of crazy eccentrics with the notion that we can stop the world from ending. Which is exactly what we are. A sad fact, but that's exactly what's the entire world's boiled down to: We're all just trying to survive.

The earth has been ravaged by war, famine, disease, and devastating storms. In the wake of these tragic events, one man steps forward, claiming responsibility. In turn, he promises the devastation will end with his new world order. All the world has to do is pledge their loyalties to him. As the world leaders convene to discuss what to do, it was then we stepped forward to take real action.

Play as a true super hero on a mission to foil an evil plan to control the planet. To succeed, you must use all available resource in your fight for the win. A series of unique challenges present themselves as you navigate rich 3D worlds rife with danger. Gain the upper hand when you collect a power-up at the beginning of the game by watching a brief video clip. The reward received is yours to use until you die. As you launch the first map, you'll receive mission instruction informing you of the number of enemies to defeat as well as the time in which you have to complete this task. That's right! You'll be against the clock in the first map where time is of the essence. If you manage top beat the clock, a mega permanent weapon is in it for you, so fight hard and shoot fast! Easy, intuitive touch screen controls put you in control of your character and allow you to easily run, aim and shoot!

Game Features:
-Intuitive User Interface
-Hand-to-Hand Combat
-Map Style Level Select
-Menu Screen With Settings
-Earn Power Ups
-Ammo and Health Perks
-Sophisticated Blocky Weapon Pickups
-Loading Screen Game Tips

Military Base
Modern City
Enemy Hideout

Army men
Military Personnel

Machine Guns
Sniper Rifles

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1. LATEST. Block League Heroes United C18.1 APK (2017-08-08, 75.137.066 bytes)

2. Block League Heroes United C18 APK (2017-06-12, 72.794.720 bytes)

3. Block League Heroes United C17.4 APK (2017-05-30, 70.205.574 bytes)

4. Block League Heroes United C17.2.2 APK (2017-05-05, 66.060.992 bytes)

5. Block League Heroes United C17.2.2 APK (2017-04-11, 66.278.755 bytes)

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