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Download Free Car Dashboard Live Wallpaper 1.20 Lastest Version

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A free app that will change the way you look at your phone/tablet forever. This carefully designed live wallpaper will make your screen the frame of a modern car design. You will have on your screen a car dashboard simulator from which you can control many features:

- RAM memory usage ( first indicator on the left)
- Battery level indicator (second indicator on the left)
- CPU usage (central indicator)
- A "digital clock" in a car dashboard style
- "Rotation per minute (RPM) " indicator controllable by a "gas pedal" (right indicator)
- A central wheel that will rotate energetically when you press the pedal button
- An engine sound that will make you feel the true power of a super car acceleration
- A temperature meter (or thermometer) than can be activated on any indicator
- Tachometer or speedometer transforms to a Miles per Hour (MPH) indicator when you press the gas pedal.

On settings menu you can enable/disable the wheel, the gas pedal, the engine acceleration sound, the digital clock (you can also change the 24h format of the digital clock) and you can also change the background to better fit the color and the look of your phone. The stupefacient user interface will give you the feeling of driving a true car just by your touch. Download this live wallpaper and start having fun now. It will be so comfortable to have in one place a "RAM usage" indicator, a "live battery level" indicator (that replaces of the car fuel indicator) , a " live CPU usage" indicator ( that replaces the car speedometer or tachometer), a "rotation per minute (RPM) " indicator and an optimally designed digital clock... all in one place! The girls will go crazy for this live wallpaper! And if that wasn't enough, we added a true engine powered sound. You will hear the engine sound everytime you press the gas pedal. Another interesting feature is ability to have the battery level indicator that replaces the fuel level indicator of a true car. When battery level is under 15%, you will notice a red flashing light on the dashboard. Once the battery level is over 15%, the red fuel light will gradually become green. This will help you control and optimise the battery consumption during the day by eventually saving battery life. The CPU spy will help you control the CPU and monitor every change on the CPU. When you press the gas pedal, the tachometer or speedometer will be transformed in an indicator of "miles per hour (MPH)". The RAM level indicator will help keep under control your RAM level. You can consider this live wallpaper as a true "CPU and RAM meter widget" because it will be your CPU spy and your RAM spy. You can also choose to have your temperature sensor as an indicator on your dashboard. Just go on settings and replace one indicator with the temperature sensor. We will introduce new features in the future like the flash light. Check us frequently for new updates. If you don't try this live wallpaper you are not a car lover for sure ;).

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2. Car Dashboard Live Wallpaper 1.19 APK (2017-06-13, 8.138.637 bytes)

3. Car Dashboard Live Wallpaper 1.18 APK (2017-06-09, 7.662.656 bytes)

4. Car Dashboard Live Wallpaper 1.17 APK (2017-03-02, 7.120.755 bytes)

5. Car Dashboard Live Wallpaper 1.16 APK (2017-02-21, 8.702.546 bytes)

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