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When it comes to cleaning, it isn't much fun. With this clean up slacking game you can challenge your skills and secretly have fun while trying to avoid cleaning up. Here you can accessorize your outfit, stack books, brush your hair, pluck your eyebrows, use mascara on your lashes, throw rubbish in a bin, paint your nails, draw shapes, as well as create a birthday cake, pluck flower petals, peel and eat a banana, slice fruits, do a flower arrangement, match letters, and add eye shadow to your look! With so much slacking fun to be had, why not secretly do lots of fun things without getting caught today.


Add accessorizes to your outfit ready for a day out.
Stack books on top of one another with salt and an eraser.
Brush your hair so it is nice and straight.
Pluck your eyebrows so they are tidy looking.
Use mascara to make your lashes more pronounced and full.
Throw rubbish and try to get it in the bin.
Paint your fingernails bright red to make them match your outfit.
Draw the outline around your shapes to make pretty sketches.
Create a fantastic birthday cake that everyone will love.
Pluck the petals from the flower by blowing over the microphone and throw them away.
Peel and eat a banana until it is all gone.
Slice the fruits and vegetables in half ready for eating.
Place the flowers into the vase to make a beautiful bouquet
Match the letters with the words on the paper.
Add eye shadow to her eyes to make them stand out.

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