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Xray Scanner Prank is a prank app for fun. This is a fake XRAY SCANNER, not a real x-ray scanner.

Surprise everyone with funny xrays of them! You can pretend that you know what their inner secrets and deepest desires are!

Xray Scanner Prank Funny is a fun app for those who love practical jokes! These xrays are not real, so they are harmless and fun to play with!

Find out if they would like to be a cool red head or a nifty dancer or a footballer or even a singer! It is the perfect Xray Scanner prank to play on friends and family!

X-ray of the entire body of a joke - a simulator game is a joke in it, you can do an x-ray of the entire body as a joke.

Turn on the game and choose which part of the body will be scanned, no matter the head or hand! Aim the camera and press the scan!

Make fun and play your family and friends!

The game Xray Scanner Prank uses a camera for a more realistic effect!

Warning Only Xray Scanner Prank and will not harm your health!

Xray Scanner Prank is a prank app to get fun and trick your friends.

Do you want to scan your hand with X-RAY? Get fun with XRAY SCANNER!

Xray Scanner Prank is a Simulated app, not real xray scanner.

✔ Open Xray scanner app.
✔ Place your phone over your left hand.
✔ Tilt up phone to scroll up xray image.
✔ Tilt down phone to scroll down xray image.
✔ Include hand, foot, brain and body xray images.

Xray Scanner Prank is a prank app for fun purposes. Have fun with your friends!

1. Put your hand behind your phone.
2. Start x-ray app.
3. A laser beam will go over your hand.
4. Tilt your phone up or down to scroll up or down the xray image.
5. Available different body parts to scan: head, hand, foot, cheast.

Xray scanner is a prank app for fun. Xray Scanner Prank is a prank, joke or simulate app. Xray Scanner is a funny prank application.

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1. LATEST. Xray Scanner Prank 1.6 APK (2017-09-06, 5.027.597 bytes)

2. Xray Scanner Prank 1.5 APK (2017-05-26, 5.143.359 bytes)

3. Xray Scanner Prank 1.4 APK (2017-05-12, 5.142.939 bytes)

4. Xray Scanner Prank 1.2 APK (2017-05-11, 4.716.891 bytes)

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