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Download Free d2h Smart Remote App 2.2.0 Lastest Version

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d2h Smart Remote is a Smart Mobile App which connects with your Videocon d2h Set Top Box either through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Please note that the d2h Bluetooth dongle has to be connected to your Set Top Box for Bluetooth connectivity. In some d2h Set Top Boxes like the 5555, the App can connect over Wi-Fi. In such cases, the Smartphone and the d2h STB have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. App provides the following functionalities:

Convert your smart phone into a remote
-Change channels using the smart phone, increase/decrease volume, and so on...
-The quick zap mode allows you to browse channel logos by genre. Just tap on a logo to change to that channel!

• Browse Program Guide
-In the Quick Zap mode, press and hold a channel logo to browse through the Program Guide for that channel.

• Media Casting from Mobile to STB (available only with Wi-Fi Connectivity)
You can cast videos from your mobile onto your Videocon STB and watch on TV:
1. You can play videos from mobile Video Apps like YouTube etc on TV - while playing a video, share with "d2h Smart Remote" to watch on TV
2. You can share Audio/Video/images stored locally in your mobile's memory, from Apps like "Gallery"
3. Just tap on a thumbnail in the Videocon Cast page, and you can watch on TV! For the Videocon Cast page, swipe repeatedly at the Videocon d2h logo at the bottom of the d2h Smart Remote App screen.

· Voice Based Search
Now, you can search by speaking out the search criterion
Search is performed in the Program Guide and also in the Video collection available for Mobile Casting

• Mobile Notifications on TV (available only with BT Connectivity)
-As long as your Smartphone is connected to your d2h STB, you can get all Mobile Notifications of Facebook updates, missed call alerts, new message alerts, etc. on the TV.
-A Yellow button is displayed on the TV screen whenever there is a Notification, on pressing the Yellow button of the d2h STB remote for details.
• Audio Streaming to and from your d2h STB (available only with BT Connectivity)
-Connect your smart phone with the STB through Bluetooth and enjoy seamless audio streaming
-Play audio from your Smartphone and listen to it on TV Speakers!
-Plug an earphone into your mobile and listen to the d2h STB audio privately.
-Now, Select "d2h Smart Remote" from the list of Apps
• Social Networking
-While watching a program on Live TV, post an event on your Facebook Timeline, stating that you are watching that program.
• Finding your phone (available only with BT Connectivity)
-You can locate your Smartphone misplaced somewhere inside your home, if it is connected with the d2h STB through the d2h Smart Remote App.
-All you have to do is press Menu on the d2h STB remote and select Connectivity > Find my Phone option , and your phone will ring giving away its location!
Important things you should know
• The d2h Smart Remote App is available for Videocon d2h Users only
• It is compatible with only select models of Videocon d2h STBs
• The d2h STB should support Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Connectivity
• Bluetooth connectivity is made available to some d2h STB models through a d2h Bluetooth Dongle which has to be bought as an accessory. After purchasing the dongle, user needs to call the customer care to upgrade the d2h STB software to enable connectivity and subsequently for the App to function.
• In case of Bluetooth Connectivity, features like Media Sharing can be possible only with the help of a USB hub on which both the d2h Bluetooth Dongle and the USB storage (to store shared content) have to be connected.
• Videocon d2h does not sell the USB hub and can be purchased from the market.
• We recommend HUB iball 4 Port Piano 44
• Usage of the application is free. However the user should bear the data charges (as charged by the Internet Service Provider) for downloading the App from Google Play Store.
• For more help, drop an email to [email protected]

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